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The Only UL & UL Sanitation Listed Floss Machine

April 2, 2014

Gold Medal did it again. It has created the only UL & UL Sanitation Listed floss machines on the market today. Now, businesses and fundraisers can become their areas’ profit leader thanks to the patent-pending quick-release floss cap and floaters, and the newly designed cabinets.

Unique to Gold Medal, these state-of-the-art aspects:

  • Make cleaning a cinch without tools because of the spring-loaded retaining cap
  • The molded-rubber floaters, which can be easily adjusted to spin the perfect cotton candy in any climate, are bacteria and debris-resistant
Experience the huge difference of a smaller footprint. Gold Medal integrated the following features to help operators profit—no matter what their working space. Plus, the redesigned cabinet keeps the profits spinning throughout the years.
  • Secure floss heads during transportation thanks to the restyled, extremely compact Lock-N-Go® feature, now available as a standard feature on #3030C & #3052C
  • Prevent sugar from reaching the motor or switches with the redesigned bell housing sugar seal
  • Hold floss bowls in place using the new positioning brackets with bumpers
  • Easily replace cords with the IEC power connector—ideal for frequently moved machines
Gold Medal started the revolution 63 years ago and became the industry standard for cotton candy sales when it perfected a machine that automatically rolled paper into a tapered cotton candy cone. Sales greatly increased per hour and more locations could sell cotton candy, as the slow hand-rolling process was eliminated. And now it has done it again with the only UL & UL Sanitation Listed cotton candy machine in the world today.

These and other revolutionary innovations are why Gold Medal is still the gold standard for concession equipment and supplies. The company leads the way with flavors/Flossugar like traditional money-making “blue” and “pink” sugars (Boo-Blue and Silly Nilly), packs pucker power with items like Sizzling Lemon-Sour, sweetens the deal with Maple and a new seasonal Winter Frost, and boosts profits with the scrumptious chocolate-covered series of cherry, orange, and strawberry.

But operators need to act fast, reap rewards, and become the leader in customers’ eyes. With advances this monumental, the competitive edge will quickly become the new standard for cotton candy production.

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About Gold Medal:  The company began in 1931 and now employs more than 375 people across 12 locations, including its manufacturing headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, and distributes worldwide. It's a privately held, family-run company that puts the fun into foods. Thanks to revolutionary advances and quality products, Gold Medal is the worldwide leader for concession equipment and supplies.

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Caramel Apples: A Year Round Profit Opportunity

June 11, 2013

Caramel and candy apples are often thought of only around Halloween, but they are such a tasty treat, they really can be enjoyed all year long.

Candy coated apples, recognized by their glossy red coating that has a hint of cinnamon, as well as caramel apples satisfy the craving for sweet and salty treats all at once.

Although people associate candy and caramel apples around October or during festival season, the first candy apple was created near the Christmas holiday. A candy maker was experimenting with red cinnamon candy and dipped a few apples into his mix, set them in his display window, and went on to sell thousands each year.

You can easily offer one, or both, of these treats at your concession stand to raise profits. A small warmer will keep the candy and caramel syrups at a safe temperature for easy dipping, without burning.

Go for the classic caramel or candy syrups, or try a flavored one such as chocolate caramel, grape, blue raspberry, or cherry. Sell the coated apples just as they are, or consider adding chopped peanuts, crushed pretzels, colorful sprinkles, or chocolate chips for an extra special treat.

Serve the coated apples on a wooden stick, and store them in bags, wraps, or plastic bubbles, all made to keep the fruit and candy fresh. When stored in a refrigerator, dipped apples will stay fresh for two weeks.

When making your candied or caramel apples, choose apples that are firm, crisp, and ones that taste delicious on their own. Before dipping the apple in the syrup of your choice, make sure it is free of any wax coating, and rough it up (sandpaper works here) to ensure the sweet coating sticks as well as possible.

Add candy or caramel apples to your concession stand today to raise your profits and give customers a taste of nostalgia.

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How Can Small Business Compete Against The Big Boys?

May 23, 2013

Large corporate chains are the nemesis of small business, often offering lower prices and using high marketing budgets to lure consumers through their doors. While these ‘big boys’ may have buying power and big advertising campaigns on their side, small businesses can fight back by offering higher levels of personal service then these cookie cutter giants.

Consumers Crave Personal Service

One thing that a small business can offer is personal service that differentiates them the ‘big boys’ in their industry. By making service and customer relationships a cornerstone of their business, small businesses can create loyalty at the local level that a large chain just cannot compete with. For example:

-          A personal thank you. Taking the time to thank a customer for their business goes a long way today. A hand-written note or even just saying, “we appreciate your business” can increase loyalty from local patrons.

-          Learn customer names. Something as simple as employees introducing themselves and learning the customer’s name can build a stronger relationship with them and be the first step in gaining a new loyal customer.

-          Go the extra mile. Offering service above and beyond will always get a customer’s attention. Always strive to honor special requests and give more than is expected. Ask your customers about changes they’d like to see or products they’d like you to stock, then act on those suggestions.

-          Support the local community. One way to shine in any community is to be a part of it. Get involved in local events, support community causes and make alliances with other small businesses. By banding together, small businesses can help each other compete against these big companies.

Many consumers are tired of hearing phrases such as “sorry, it is against company policy” and will welcome the chance to spend money at a business that treats them as a valued individual. Taking the time to make local customer service a priority can make any small business stiff competition for one of the ‘big boys’!

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4 Secrets to Making Money with Drinks

May 16, 2013

It’s that time of year. People are getting outside and are ready to create memories at fairs, special events, tourist destinations (local or major out-of-state attractions), sporting events, and weekend getaways. Warm weather also means the perfect opportunity to cash in with concessions. An often overlooked, but easy to add, option is cold drinks. Think of them as your Fountain of Wealth. Beside the standard bottled water, sodas, or adult beverages, the top money-makers are Lemonade Shake-Ups, slushes, and fruit smoothies. Below are four secrets to increased drink sales.

  1. Add a Splash to Sodas—There are many ways to flavor your sodas, but one of the simplest solutions is to add a dash of Sno-Kone® syrups to the bottom of the cup, then add your beverage. This will mix the products without losing the carbonation. Or, if you have a fountain drink system and are comfortable with the mechanism, you can disconnect one syrup line. Then, simply use the carbonated beverage and Sno-Kone® syrup to create a variety of flavors. (Check your manufacturer’s manual before proceeding with any disconnection.)
  2. Event or Souvenir Cups—These hard-plastic cups are the answer to generate repeat/refill sales, plus your customers will love the durability. They’ll pay more on the front-end for a better-perceived product. Guests will often take them with them, which cuts down on the trash at the event. It’s a win for everyone.
  3. Slushes and Fruit Smoothies—Don’t forget the power of a tall glass of cool, refreshing goodness. Slushes are popular with children of all ages. The slush mixes can also be paired with alcohol after they are made to give you more options with one product. Fruit smoothies are another great option for children and those wanting a “fresher” drink alternative.
  4. When Life Hands You Lemons—Shake-Ups have enormous profit potential with low food costs. Unfortunately, this is another product that some may overlook because they think Shake-Ups are too hard to make. But it’s easy to turn lemons into liquid gold with just water, ice, and a neutral slush base. Plus, as you can see in the video, sales of all sizes are possible, as even the 52-oz. event cups fit beneath the Lemonator.

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